Gary’s Story

That Was Then…This Is Now!fling


For 35 years I never left our house without first tapping the right front pocket of my jeans to make sure I had my box of Marlboro Reds and my lighter. I always had to have the flip top box, never the pack. The box was sturdier, plus when I got down to half a pack I could put my lighter in it.

Even though I quit nine years ago I still tap that same pocket before I leave the house. Only this time it’s to make sure I have my Albuterol rescue inhaler. Anyone who has emphysema carries one with them wherever they go. And we all know that if you can’t breathe, nothing else matters. I don’t have to use my inhaler all the time, but I sure have to know where it is all the time.

Cigarettes used to be my best friend. Now that inhaler is…how’s that for irony?