Getting Started

Tips to help you on your way…

1). YOU HAVE TO WANT TO QUIT SMOKING. Make the decision to quit. Once you have made that decision, you need to work on developing the QUIT SMOKING MINDSET to be successful.

Keep working on your motivation, determination and confidence.  Soon nothing and no one will stand in your way.  You need that kind of commitment to take charge of your life and be smoke-free.  Its that simple and it is possible!

2).  PREPARE TO QUIT SMOKING Quitting smoking is like a road trip.  You need to get ready for the trip by mapping out where you are going.

This is the same for smoking.

How are you going to quit smoking?  What methods?  What are you triggers?  What things, places and people do you need to avoid?  What people will support your decision?  Do you need professional help?

Decide on your quit date and what methods you are going to use.  See this ‘Get Ready to Quit’ checklist and start getting ready for your Quit Date.

3).  TAKE ACTION. Now that you decided on a quit date and the methods you are going to use to quit, you need to take action.

4).  NEVER GIVE UP!!!  We believe quitting smoking isn’t a one-time event.  It may take you numerous attempts, which is why you need to become familiar with the various ways to quit in order to reach your goals.


From Gary’s Journal and Story on Becoming an Ex-Smoker

Tell us about your ‘That Was Then…This Is Now’ experience in the comment section below.





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  1. Denise

    I quit six years ago.
    Cigarettes are funny. They can be relaxing, stimulating, or whatever you need at the moment. I quit because I was starting to get a cough. Not all the time, but enough.
    It was hard to give up a fifteen year habit, but I’m happy that I’m no longer a slave to cigarettes.


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